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Looking for Sci-fi action and adventure! ORBS by Nicholas Sansbury Smith


Ok…First every author/writer has a style. A cadence to the way they deliver a story. Mine is the pulp style. Fun, action, scary! I find that I like all kinds of styles and to give one example to a style…I would say Matthew Reilly is a fast paced action author and I like him, when I am in the mood for Indiana Jones / Fast and the Furious type of adventure….Nicholas Sansbury Smith is the Mathew Reilly of science fiction…I really loved the ride he took me on…and if you love scifi action with over the top fun then do yourself a favor and look him up!



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Ancient Undead is OUT! The first in a trilogy of Pulp Adventures, starring Rick Relic!

3D-Book-Template-ancient undead


These stories are recommended for those who love Pulp action adventure.

Pulp fiction, named for the low-quality paper on which the stories were printed, blossomed in the early twentieth century. Audiences beaten down after WWI and the Great Depression sought tales with strong heroes, exciting adventures, and alien encounters.

Pulse Pounding, Thrills, Spills, Chills, Breakneck, Thundering Adventure!

James Bond and Indiana Jones Move over! Rick Relic has arrived!

In this all new Pulse Pounding episodeā€¦ The year is 1941 and Rick Relic – Stuntman, Pilot, and Death Defying Adventurer is put to the ultimate test as he vacations on a mysterious island in the Caribbean. An ancient race emerges from a massive lake to enslave mankind. They have turned the dead and living into zombies!! And Rick Relic is the only one that can stop them!


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